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World Nomads Travel Insurance Reviews

If you are a frequent traveler, you may already know about travel insurance. However, if you rarely find yourself planning trips and visiting different points of interest around the globe, it may sound like a foreign concept. Travel insurance is a financial tool that helps protect you against financial losses during a trip. It can be something as minor as a delayed piece of luggage or something as major as a medical emergency while you’re traveling overseas. Obviously in those cases, the medical facility that you visit probably won’t be in your domestic health insurance plan’s network, so it’s a good idea to have an added layer of protection while traveling abroad.

While there are different plans and travel insurance providers out there, let’s take a look at World Nomads. World Nomads is a travel insurance company that was founded by travelers for travelers, meaning that they take all the different potential travel hazards into consideration. As one of the oldest travel insurance companies in the industry, many people consider World Nomads travel insurance as a reliable choice for their trip protection needs.

World Nomads Overview

Founded in 2000, World Nomads was born out of the global experiences of travel blogger Simon Monk. Monk, who had launched a wildly successful adventure travel blog saw the opportunity to offer other adventure minded travelers an insurance policy that would cover their specialized needs. In 2015, World Nomads was acquired by nib Group, which is an Australia based health care fund.

World Nomads covers travelers who are based in roughly 150 countries around the globe, making it one of the most comprehensive travel insurance options in the industry. World Nomads provides overseas medical coverage for policy holders in addition to evacuation coverage. They also provide coverage for smaller issues such as lost luggage or travel delays.

There are three foundational areas of focus that World Nomads provides: freedom, safety and connection. For policy holders based in United States who travel primarily in the country, it’s important to note that your policy will only cover you if your trip takes place more than 100 miles from your home.

Finally, from a logistical viewpoint, World Nomads travel insurance plans are underwritten by Nationwide and operated by Trip Mate. That means that when you purchase a World Nomads travel insurance policy, you are actually buying a Nationwide policy and that you will have access to the support staff from Trip Mate.

It is important to note that World Nomads products are primarily aimed at backpackers, hikers and adventure seekers who look for something exhilarating from their world travels. While any traveler is free to choose World Nomads for their travel insurance needs, the price point and the coverage provided makes it a good choice for adventure travelers.

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review for Medical Coverage

While there are different policies available, the base package from World Nomads provides $100,000 USD in medical coverage. Again, more expensive policies provide more coverage, but unless you’re taking part in extremely daring activities on your trip or visiting a destination with a very expensive health care system, $100,000 USD is generally enough coverage for most travelers. This coverage amount is also usually sufficient if you’re looking for coverage in the event that you become very ill while traveling, but it is always important to consider the costs of medical emergencies in the countries that you will be visiting and choose a limit that satisfies your coverage requirements. Beginning in 2020, illness has become even more of a concern for travelers in the face of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s important to note that your policy also provides evacuation coverage. For example, if you are on a backpacking trip and you fall and break your ankle, it may be impossible for you to reach a medical facility on your own, meaning that you will need emergency evacuation services. It’s important that your insurance policy covers the cost of emergency evacuations, and World Nomads policies do offer such coverage.

World Nomads also covers the cost of emergency dental care during a trip. This can range from a broken tooth to a severe infection that forms in your mouth due to a cut or other injury. Additionally, the dental portion of your policy covers the cost of mouth or jaw injuries suffered on your trip. Optional treatment such as dental cleanings, cavity fillings and other treatments that can wait until you get home are not covered.

In the worst-case scenario, World Nomads can provide a lump sum to your beneficiary of choice in the event that you are killed or dismembered during your trip. They also provide a lump sum if you suffer an injury that leads to an amputation.

Non-Medical Evacuation Coverage

When you make the decision to travel to a foreign country, you understand that you are putting yourself in the middle of whatever type of conflict may be going on. While many people only travel to countries that are experiencing peaceful times within their borders, there is always the possibility that civil unrest or an attack from another nation could take place during your trip. It’s also worth noting that you should have coverage in place in the event of a natural disaster that facilitates the need for you to evacuate quickly.

The base plan with World Nomads provides $25,000 USD in evacuation coverage for non-medical evacuation needs. This amount would typically be enough to get you from an area that has become unsafe, to a safe location in a neighboring country.

Lost or Stolen Goods

When you travel, you do so with the knowledge that any of your luggage could be lost in transit, or worse, could be stolen during your trip. World Nomads’ base plan provides $1,000 in reimbursements for loss, theft or damage of your luggage during the trip. Take note, there is a $500 limit per article limit.

Trip Cancellations, Delays and Interruptions

Without travel insurance in place, there are some non-refundable costs that you cannot recover in the event your trip is cancelled. World Nomads offers $2,500 in reimbursement if you have to cancel your trip due to natural disasters, sickness, family emergency and several other causes.

The trip delay coverage covers you in the event that you lose prepaid time on your trip due to a flight delay or some other circumstance beyond your control. The base plan provides up to $250 USD per day in the event that your trip is delayed.

Finally, trip interruption refers to cases in which your vacation gets interrupted by sickness, injury or a family emergency back home. World Nomads’ base policy provides up to $2,500 USD for interrupted trips. This policy doesn’t only cover medical or family emergencies. If your trip is interrupted due to natural disaster (whether at home or where you’re vacationing), a strike or another covered reason, World Nomads travel insurance will cover those expenses as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of your chosen World Nomads travel insurance plan largely depends on the type of activities that you plan on participating in. For instance, if you plan on rock climbing in the Himalayan Mountain Range, you should choose the Explorer Plan that provides more coverage. If your trip will largely be spent walking around the streets of Paris, France, you could probably get by with the standard Base Plan. World Nomads will also take other factors into consideration, including the length of your trip, where you are going, your age, current health and other factors.

World Nomads Review


With that in mind, it’s not possible to determine the exact price that you will be charged for your travel insurance. However, you can visit the World Nomads Travel Insurance website and gather more information that can help you better understand how much your insurance policy will cost.

There is a reason that residents of 150 countries have chosen World Nomads travel insurance for their travel insurance needs. With a variety of emergency situations covered and the option of choosing a plan that best suits your needs, it’s no wonder that the company has become a product of choice for many travelers.

To compare and buy World Nomads travel insurance plans, please enter your trip details into World Nomads’ easy quote form.

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