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Did You Know?

Trip Interruption Insurance

People spend a lot of money when they plan to take a vacation, but things can happen before or during the trip that will cause them to need to postpone or cancel. Trip insurance was meant to ease the financial burden when people have to cut their vacations short or find that they are unable to take the trip at all.

What Does Trip Interruption Insurance Cover?

If the reason that people are cancelling their trips is covered under the travel insurance policy, they will have the amount of money they spent returned to them. Sometimes, the delay is not due to anything the travelers have done. For example, their flights may need to be postponed due to bad weather. If this is the case, the money they spent on their living accommodations at their destinations will be reimbursed.

While people are on vacation, they can experience a tragedy. One of the family members may become ill or pass away in an accident. Trip insurance will cover the expenses that have already been paid for in this instance as well. However, the reason that people need to cut their trips short does not have to be for such dire reasons. Travel insurance will also reimburse the costs if people need to return home early to serve jury duty.

How Can One Purchase Trip Interruption Insurance?

People will receive trip interruption insurance in most basic travel insurance policies. They can purchase the all-encompassing policy that has trip interruption coverage as well as travel medical insurance and baggage protection. Because some people only want protection in case they need to cancel the trip, they can purchase a policy that has exactly that and nothing else. For example, if they are only concerned about the need to cancel a trip early, they may purchase trip insurance that only contains this type of coverage and not the health insurance portion.

Why Purchase Trip Interruption Insurance?

People can become ill anywhere. They can be involved in a car collision while outside of the country and experience devastating injuries. Before they leave, they can have these types of experiences that will force them to cancel the trip and forfeit all of the money they put into planning their vacations.

Becoming sick or injured is a real possibility, but travelers can also find that their luggage has been lost. They may lose their credit cards and have no way to pay for food or for passage to their hotels. The travel agency or the airline may go out of business, and they would lose all of the money that they invested in their trips. Because of all the reasons that people may not be able to enjoy their vacations as they envisioned they would, trip interruption insurance would be a very helpful purchase to make.

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