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Traveling to the Bahamas: Getting Travel Insurance Plus Tips for a Memorable Trip

Pink sand beaches, fruity cocktails with tiny umbrellas, crystal blue waters, and creamy conch chowder—these are just a few of the daydreams likely littering your mind as you prepare for your trip to the Bahamas. But as you wrap up your planning and finalize all the details, you may be forgetting one vital component that will make your trip complete: travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance for the Bahamas


And with hundreds of options and information cluttering the internet, you’re likely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. That’s why we’re going to break down the ins and outs of getting travel insurance. In the simplest terms possible, we’ll break down what travel insurance is, how much it costs, and whether or not you should buy it for your trip to the Bahamas (spoiler alert: you should!). 

Once that’s taken care of, we’ll give you some of our best travel tips to make sure you have a fantastic getaway!

Travel Insurance for a Trip to the Bahamas

Although you may think that travel insurance is unnecessary, it’s arguably one of the most important aspects of planning your trip and protecting your investment. 

Aside from providing a means of recovering your money in case you have to cancel your travel plans last minute for a covered reason, travel insurance protects you from unforeseen circumstances like baggage or passport loss, illness, or medical emergencies. 

Another great example of the benefit of travel insurance is if an unforeseen sickness, injury or death of an immediate family member takes place, even if they aren’t traveling with you. If you purchase travel insurance and cancel for a covered reason, the financial investment you made in your travels is protected and refundable through your provider. 

Do I Need Insurance to Travel to the Bahamas?

The short answer is no. You don’t need travel insurance to book your vacation to the Bahamas. However, you should consider it, especially if you’re booking out far in advance, your trip is quite costly, if your travel service providers don’t provide satisfactory refund policies, or if you plan on participating in outdoor adventures. 

Aside from refunds and lost item recovery, travel insurance is an important investment because it protects you in case you have a medical emergency while you’re abroad. Most domestic health insurance companies do not provide coverage for services rendered outside the United States, and Medicare doesn’t cover foreign medical treatment at all. Plus, if you’re seriously injured and need emergency transport home for treatment, you’d potentially face hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses—unless you have travel insurance coverage. 

Many travel insurance companies offer coverage for medical treatment while you’re away, including covering emergency evacuation home. While of course, the hope is that you’d never need to use this benefit, it’s always better to prepare for the worst-case scenario so that you can travel with complete peace of mind. 

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for My Trip to the Bahamas?

Fortunately, travel insurance is pretty affordable and can be customized based on your policy, options, and budget. Basic coverage can run you anywhere from 3-4% of your total trip cost, while premium coverage with advanced options can move up to 10-12% of the total cost of your trip. 

There are a variety of variables that can impact the cost of travel insurance for your trip to the Bahamas, including your age, the number of people in your party, and coverage limits you choose. To ensure that you get the best price for your vacation’s travel insurance, you should always compare across providers to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

Fortunately, our travel insurance comparison tool makes comparing policies incredibly simple. All you need to do is enter your trip information, and you’ll get quotes from a handful of different travel insurance providers in seconds. You can easily compare and analyze the benefits of each, including prices, and purchase your insurance directly through this tool. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you and your trip are protected, with a lowest price guarantee!

Travel Tips

Now that your travel insurance is taken care of, let’s get back to planning your exciting vacation to the Bahamas! Below, we’ve put together some of our top tips for enjoying this little piece of heaven in the Caribbean including how to handle money and tipping, weather and packing suggestions, and of course, our favorite destinations and activities! 

Money Matters

You’re in luck because, even though the currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar, the U.S. dollar is also widely accepted, so you don’t need to worry about exchange rates. However, don’t be surprised if you can’t get the U.S. dollar back in change. It shouldn’t matter too much, though, as the exchange rates are even. 

ATMs are readily available except on the more remote islands but typically dispense Bahamian dollars. If you’re going to the outlying islands, be sure you take cash with you as many places out there won’t accept credit cards. 

Tipping in the Bahamas is expected in most situations that you’d encounter in the U.S., though the percentage is slightly lower. Taxi drivers and waiters expect 15%, but note that many hotels and restaurants typically add 15% to your bill. Check before leaving an additional tip on top of it. If you’re staying in a resort or hotel, it’s customary to leave $1-$3 per day for the maid service. If you visit a bar, $1-2 per drink is customary.

What to Pack for your Visit & Weather Conditions

Visiting the Bahamas, you’ll find that you can pretty much live in a bathing suit and cover-up because you’ll want to stay on the beach as much as possible! 

Take lightweight clothing, like sweat-wicking shirts and shorts, lightweight dresses, and jackets for adventures into the market or a nicer evening dinner. You’ll want to cover up your bathing suit in public places and downtown shopping. You should also note that some of the higher-end hotels and resorts require more formal attire for folks at dinner, so you should check with your accommodations if this is necessary for you.

Temperatures remain excellent throughout the year in the Bahamas, rarely dipping below 60-degrees. Peak seasons for tourists run mid-December through April, and you’ll probably need a sweater too for the cooler evenings. If planning on the off-season, you should note that the Bahamas is on the Atlantic hurricane belt, and experiences a rainy and hurricane season between June 1st and November 30th. 

Immersive Experiences

There is more to the Bahamas than the expansive pink sand beaches and the resorts that line the island coasts. 

Visit the Grand Bahama Island’s Lucayan National Park, and take in 40-acres of mangrove, palm, and pine trees. Here you’ll find Gold Rock Beach, which was the location set for two of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. You should also explore Burial Mound Cave and Ben’s Cave, which are part of the worlds’ longest underwater limestone cave systems!

The aqua blue waters of the Caribbean are beautiful from the shore, but there’s even more wonder to experience beneath the surface. Diving and snorkeling bring you closer to the reefs and underwater caves and sinkholes that surround the islands of the Bahamas. Swim with stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks! For the more adventurous diver, check out the 6,000 foot deep Tongue of the Ocean! 

If it’s within your budget, consider chartering a boat and island hopping! The Bahamas is the perfect place to see what it really feels like to be on a deserted island. You can hire a yacht to take you out to a lonely island and leave you there for the day. Or, if you’re looking for a big adventure, go ahead and take a trip out to the remote Exuma Cays!

Top 10 Most Popular Places to Visit in the Bahamas

  1. Nassau
  2. Grand Bahama
  3. Paradise Island
  4. Exuma Cays
  5. Harbour Island
  6. Eleuthera
  7. Long Island
  8. Green Turtle Cay
  9. Elbow Cay
  10. Great Abaco Island

Top 5 Unique Places to Visit in the Bahamas

  1. Pig Beach
  2. Bimini
  3. Cat Island
  4. Andros
  5. Crooked Island


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