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Traveling is one of the many luxuries that most look forward to in life, as it usually offers an opportunity to visit new places and cross a few dreams off of your bucket list. 

You may have the dates set and your ticket booked to France, but there are still several significant details involved in planning your trip, with one of the most important factors (that’s often overlooked) being travel insurance. You spend months planning the exciting details of your vacation such as where to go and what to do, but the last thing you consider is an unfortunate incident possibly occurring during your trip. 

Life has a habit of throwing unexpected things your way, and it’s best to be prepared for them with a solid plan B in place. To ensure peace of mind during your trip to France, it’s a smart idea to secure some travel insurance before you take off. But with so many options online, we know it can be overwhelming to find an affordable and suitable plan, so we’re making it easy for you! Keep reading to understand the ins and outs regarding travel insurance for France. 

Travel insurance for France


Is Travel Insurance Required to Visit France?

It is recommended that anyone traveling to France acquire travel insurance prior to their arrival to the country. This is because in some cases, you may be required to provide verification that you’ve secured travel insurance before your arrival. 

A visa is required to enter the country for a short visit, and certain ports of entry to the Schengen territory will require each traveler to have official proof of travel insurance. Without this document, the application for a visa will be denied. 

Although certain travelers are not required to have a visa, it is strongly suggested that they obtain travel health insurance. France is known for its innovative healthcare system and policy to provide quality healthcare to everyone. However, healthcare in France is not free, so without insurance, you may be required to pay out of pocket!

The Cost of Travel Insurance for France

It is important to understand all the costs associated with travel insurance. Simply put, price points for travel insurance depends on several customizable dynamics. The most common dynamics include the type of plan selected, the amount of protection or coverage you desire, the age of travelers, trip length, and add-ons such as car rental collision coverage. Your overall cost of travel insurance is customized according to your needs.

In addition to the above aspects, insurance costs range differently among providers. Therefore, it is crucial to shop around for quality in coverage and rates. Set aside time to conduct thorough research prior to your trip to take advantage of the biggest savings and greatest rates. Our convenient online tool grants you compare and buy travel insurance online, which helps you to secure the lowest rates customized to accommodate your travel needs.

Experience France Like a Local

Once you’ve secured your travel insurance and booked your plane tickets, it’s time to prepare to enjoy your stay in France! There are a few additional steps you can take to ensure that you’re extra prepared to have a smooth and memorable visit.

Tips for Packing for Your Trip

Your packing list for France will depend greatly on the areas you plan to visit and in which extracurricular activities you will participate in. Be sure not to overpack, as packing lightly eliminates the need for you to transport an excessive amount of luggage or face expensive airline baggage fees. Imagine the headache you’d encounter if you were to lose multiple bags while traveling! Although travel insurance is designed to protect you in these type situations, it can be mentally antagonizing and overwhelming to replace multiple pieces of misplaced luggage.

To begin, remember to pack the essentials and check the weather to help you decide what type of clothing you’ll need. Important documents, identification, technical devices, and prescription medications should be packed where they are easily and quickly accessible, as you’ll reach for these items a lot during the trip. 

Choose luggage that’s easy to carry. Wheel luggage isn’t ideal for France because it can be difficult to roll across the picturesque cobblestone that lines the narrow and jagged sidewalks. Inside your luggage, pack a scarf or two. Scarves are ideal for enhancing almost any attire, and be sure to pack walking, casual, and dress shoes. You will appreciate comfortable shoes and clothing for sightseeing and dress shoes and attire for more intimate occasions.

As a precaution, explore the baggage loss benefit included in  your travel insurance package if you plan to travel with expensive valuables.

Money Etiquette and Currency in France

You can take your cash to the currency exchange office to exchange it for euros upon your arrival to France. Fees range between 10% and 20% per exchange. Cash is the preferred method of payment in France for smaller purchases, and some points-of-purchase will not offer credit card payment as an option. ATM machines are also only located in certain places, so do not rely on them to gain access to money whenever you need it. Visa is the primary accepted credit card, and you should note that Discover and American Express are rarely accepted by most merchants.

As for tipping in France, most restaurants or cafes tally a service charge to the final cost of your check. The tips are not forwarded to the wait staff, so if you are pleased with your dining experience, it is suggested that you add an additional percentage as a tip.

Exciting Places to Visit in France

France is known for its rich heritage and beautiful scenery. It is embodied with beautiful neighborhoods that depict a unique image. Research the areas you plan to visit ahead of time, as this allows you to plan a more productive visit, and decide which sights and activities interest you the most. While you should prepare to be inspired when taking in the sights of any of the beautiful places in France, there are a few places that you should add to your list of things to do. Consider this list as a blueprint for your visit.

1. Strasbourg

2. Marseille

3. Loire Valley

4. Lyon

5. Luberon

6. Dordogne

7. French Riviera

8. Bordeaux

9. Mont Saint-Michel

10. Paris

Resourceful Preparation is Crucial

Taking the above information into consideration affords you the opportunity to have a safe and enjoyable visit to France. The foundation for a memorable trip is proper preparation. 

Guard your peace of mind by arming yourself with knowledge and securing your safety with travel insurance. Both these elements will ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected and on track to experience France and all its beauty. And don’t forget to use our convenient comparison tool to shop and compare plans to ensure you get the best plan for the right price! 


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