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People who travel on the same trip itinerary should consider group travel insurance. Group insurance works the same way as an individual plan, but it involves more than one person. Comprehensive protection includes a wide range of details that bring peace of mind to travelers. It is essential to understand what type of coverage provides the most benefits.

Emergencies happen unexpectedly, so it is wise to have 24-hour medical protection while on a trip. This includes medical evacuation and coverage. Besides health concerns, group trip insurance should guard personal property as well. For instance, insurance should cover loss or theft of luggage, credit cards, and other personal items. Finally, group trip insurance should protect travelers against cancellation fees, travel delays, or other circumstances that cause financial losses.

When a traveling group consists of ten or more people going to the same destination together, obtaining this type of insurance is an affordable way to gain protection before a trip. Each individual is covered, which saves time and the hassle of taking out separate policies. Each traveler has the same level of coverage, and certain group policies include additional benefits. Often, group trip insurance comes with an attractive price, especially for seniors or children traveling with responsible adults. Rates vary according to the trip, but they are largely based on age, length of trip and trip costs. The total cost is shared between all members, which can significantly lower the price per person.

As with any insurance, it is important to maximize coverage. There are a variety of available plans suitable for a group of travelers. Policies may cover families, friends traveling together, clubs, or organizations. It is essential to find the right policy at the best price. Consulting with a trusted insurance provider helps groups save money and gain optimum protection during a trip.

If you have a group of ten people or less, please enter your trip details into our quotes form and we will present you with available policy quotes for your trip. If you have a group of more that ten people, please click here to contact us and we will generate custom quotes for you.

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