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Here are some common questions and answers related to travel insurance and buying online on


1. How do I get travel insurance quotes?

Getting travel insurance quotes on is easy, fast and free. Simply enter your trip details on the form found on this page, our homepage or here. We will then present you with a list of travel insurance policy quotes available for your trip, from which you can compare and buy online.
2. What should I enter in the quote form for “Cost of Your Trip?” and/or “Trip Cost”?

Trip Cost – Quoting on

Enter the total amount of your non-refundable and pre-paid travel arrangements to be insured (e.g., flights, hotels, cruises). If you would like to see plans that exclude trip cancellation coverage (but include other benefits), enter $0 for your Trip Cost. Please note that rewards points, frequent flier miles and their dollar equivalents cannot be insured.

After you have entered your Trip Cost, indicate in the next drop down menu whether the Trip Cost entered was a total amount for all travelers or the cost per person.
3. What should I select as “One Country You Are Traveling To?” in the quote form if I am visiting multiple countries?

Primary Destination – Quoting on

Select your destination country from the list. If you are visiting multiple countries, choose the destination that you will be spending the most time during your trip or one of the countries on your itinerary if you are spending equal time in each (you will still be covered when visiting other countries from your specified departure date through your return date).
4. How do I enter my departure and return dates in the quote form?

Your Trip Dates – Quoting on

Click on the calendar icon to select the date that you are leaving for your trip as well as the date that you return. If you type the date in, please use mm/dd/yyyy format.
5. What should I choose in the “How Many Travelers?” section of the quote form?

How Many Travelers – Quoting on

Please select the number of travelers that you would like to insure on this policy. Please only add travelers that share the same trip dates/itineraries and quote and buy separately if you have travelers with differing itineraries and/or states of residence.
6. What should I enter in the “Their Age(s) as of Today?” section of the quote form?

Traveler Ages – Quoting on

Enter the age of each traveler (as of today) with one traveler’s age per box. For example, if you are 37 years old today, please enter 37 into the age box. Please make sure not to enter the age of the person during the trip dates – enter their age of today. Enter the age of additional travelers in separate boxes. If a child is under one year old, please enter 1.
7. What should I enter in the “Your Permanent Residence?” section of the quote form?

Your Permanent Residence – Quoting on

Select the country and state of your permanent residence.
8. What should I enter in the “Your Citizenship?” section of the quote form?

Your Citizenship – Quoting on

Enter the country of which you are a citizen. If you are a citizen of multiple countries, simply select one.
9. What should I enter in the “Date of First Trip Payment?” and/or “Trip Deposit Date” section of the quote form?

Trip Deposit Date – Quoting on

Select the initial date that you made a partial or whole payment for your trip. If you booked with rewards points and no actual payment, use the date that you booked your trip. If you have not purchased your travel yet, please select today’s date to see quotes.

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