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Why Comparing Policies is the Smart Move to Find the Best Travel Insurance

What do travel insurance policies really cover? From medical payments to trip cancellation, from lost baggage to stolen property, insurance policies offer a broad range of trip protection options. But how can a savvy traveler ensure that they are getting the best bang for their buck and the best coverage possible? Comparing policies from different […]

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The Ins and Outs of Eco-Friendly Vacations

travel suitcase
You care about the environment. You recycle, conserve water, use cloth grocery bags, and hate plastic water bottles. Your car is electric, or hybrid, or perhaps you ride a bike! You do what you can to reduce your carbon footprint and going on vacation is no different. But how do you reduce your carbon footprint […]

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Why You Should Compare Travel Insurance After Comparing and Booking Your Hotels, Flights and Cruises

Travel insurance companies are not all the same. They may all offer similar policies, but the specifics of what they cover, and how much it will cost you, can vary drastically. Prepare yourself to make a smart choice by comparing insurance policies after you’ve compared and booked your flights, hotels, and cruises. You should purchase […]

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Why Traveling Without Insurance Is as Risky as Driving Without Insurance

Traveling is all about having the freedom to explore the world. Unfortunately, in one’s quest to satisfy their wanderlust, topics such as travel insurance can instantly take the fun out of things. But purchasing trip insurance is an important decision that must be considered carefully before ever setting foot on foreign ground. Some insist that […]

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What is a Look Back Period When it Comes to Pre-Existing Conditions?

travel insurance terms
Purchasing travel insurance is of paramount importance for anyone going on an international trip. There are a myriad of different insurance policies and coverage available for travelers, so it’s certain that everyone will find one that’s perfect for their situation. There are, however, many different terms and conditions associated with travel insurance. These can be […]

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Considerations Regarding Earthquakes and Travel Insurance

earthquake travel
For the majority of travel insurance policies, they will include emergency medical and evacuation coverage if a person gets injured during an earthquake. Another one of the benefits of having earthquake travel insurance is that if there were an earthquake prior to the flight, depending on the trip protection policy, an individual can cancel his […]

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Why So Many Americans Travel The World Without International Medical Insurance

global travel
Now that members of the Millennial Generation are coming of age and settling firmly into their lives, travel agents are seeing renewed interest in traveling abroad. Compared to other nationalities, Americans are not known to travel overseas as much; however, there are two historical exceptions. In the 1990s, members of Generation X enjoyed a period […]

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Why River Cruises Are Increasing in Popularity

river cruise insurance
Cruises have always been a fun way to vacation, but in recent years the river cruise has been gaining appeal as a way to travel and see the sights without traveling over large bodies of open water. The river cruise has many advantages over the ocean cruise and it allows travelers to see the sights […]

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How Global Terrorist Attacks are Affecting the Travel Industry

terrorism travel insurance
The rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and similar affiliated groups across Africa and the Middle East has triggered terrorist attacks in nearly every region of the world. As a result, travelers are less likely to go on short weekend trips, less likely to visit places that they are unfamiliar with, and overall much […]

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The Importance of Travel Insurance with Hurricane Coverage

hurricane travel insurance
The value of travel insurance becomes apparent when unexpected events occur and things go wrong. It is important to purchase travel insurance soon after making travel arrangements because known risks will generally not be covered. For example, if one is planning to travel during hurricane season (June 1st-November 30th) and a hurricane is forecast and […]

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