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Why Age Is a Factor in the Cost of Travel Insurance

travel insurance
Traveling, whether it’s flying to other parts of the world or cruising the oceans, is an exciting way to spend time, particularly after retirement. Planning the trip is half the fun, but thinking about flight delays, natural disasters or illnesses that might halt the trip isn’t. That’s way travel insurance is an excellent idea. However, […]

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What to Do if Your Regular Health Insurance Won’t Cover You Abroad

international travel insurance
Most Americans are not aware that around 15% of those who travel overseas will become sick or injured during their trip. One in three are also unaware of what their healthcare plan covers before they travel out of the country. Check out the nuances of your plan and look into trip protection before you even […]

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Record High Claims Expected for Travel Insurers After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

travel insurance claims
The passage of hurricanes Harvey and Irma left significant devastation in their wakes throughout the Caribbean and Gulf regions, and one industry that was especially hit was travel. When travel is disrupted on a large scale, it also tends to create much larger than usual travel insurance claims for insurers. Popular tourist destinations from Florida […]

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How Hurricane Harvey Affected American Travelers

hurricane travel insurance
The devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey displaced thousands of people from their homes, caused loss of life, and wreaked economic havoc. Of course, compared to this, having your travel plans be cancelled or interrupted might seem insignificant – but an event like this can still cost you a lot of money if you don’t have […]

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Why American Consumers Are Spending More on Travel Insurance

international travel insurance
Travel insurance protects against travel cancellations or interruptions due to unforeseen events, and also covers other issues such as medical emergencies and lost/delayed baggage. With Americans spending almost $2.8 billion on travel insurance in 2016, which was an increase of over 19% from the last time the spend was analyzed by the U.S. Travel Insurance […]

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Why Travel Insurance Will Only Cover Pre-Paid and Non-Refundable Trip Costs

travel insurance
Travel plans can easily go awry. All it takes is one flight delay, and suddenly a whole vacation is affected. A traveler can find themselves missing connecting flights, arriving at hotels a day or two late, and missing scheduled tours. An event that is completely outside of a traveler’s control can lead to some very […]

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What is the Difference Between Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Coverage?

international travel insurance
Many travelers may find themselves in the dark about the different types of travel insurance plans that are available, and which of these policies would benefit them. One of the potentially confusing questions is the difference between Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage. A Trip Cancellation policy is a plan that will reimburse the traveler […]

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The Importance of the Look Back Period in Your Travel Insurance Policy

travel insurance
As travel arrangements are being prepared, be that for a business trip or for pleasure, it is vital to remember the importance of including the purchase of travel insurance in those plans. While there are a countless number of options in available policies, it is necessary to find the ones that best suit you, the […]

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Understanding the Financial Risks of Traveling Without Emergency Medical Coverage

travel medical insurance
International travel can be costly even for the most experienced travelers. Those costs can skyrocket in the event of a health emergency abroad. While some U.S. based insurance plans do offer some international health coverage, most do not. Regardless, it is always a smart financial decision to travel with travel insurance to ensure full protection […]

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Elements of Planning a Successful Summer Family Road Trip

family road trip
It is hard to know where to get started when planning a family road trip, but by breaking the process down into steps, you can make a great deal of headway quickly and easily. Planning a road trip can seem overwhelming, but by allowing yourself plenty of time, it shouldn’t be too stressful. Once you […]

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