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Understanding the Financial Risks of Traveling Without Emergency Medical Coverage

travel medical insurance
International travel can be costly even for the most experienced travelers. Those costs can skyrocket in the event of a health emergency abroad. While some U.S. based insurance plans do offer some international health coverage, most do not. Regardless, it is always a smart financial decision to travel with travel insurance to ensure full protection […]

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Elements of Planning a Successful Summer Family Road Trip

family road trip
It is hard to know where to get started when planning a family road trip, but by breaking the process down into steps, you can make a great deal of headway quickly and easily. Planning a road trip can seem overwhelming, but by allowing yourself plenty of time, it shouldn’t be too stressful. Once you […]

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Why The Recent Heat Wave in the Southwest Caused Many Flight Cancellations

premium economy seats
When travelers think of weather delays, they often envision ice on an airplane’s wings or snow drifts across the runway. In June 2017, a relatively new phenomenon occurred. The Southwest, including Nevada and Arizona, experienced an astounding heat wave. Temperatures rose to 115 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The Phoenix airport was forced to close down […]

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Why Many Americans Don’t Consider Travel Insurance When Traveling Abroad

international travel insurance
Travel insurance is an important component in keeping you safe, healthy, and stress-free during your next international travel excursion. So why is it that so many Americans don’t consider trip protection when traveling abroad? Below are several factors that come into play when most Americans opt not to purchase travel insurance and why these reasons […]

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What to Know About Thailand’s Proposal to Require Travel Insurance

thailand travel insurance
Currently, trip protection is not required to visit Thailand, but that may soon change. Officials with Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports are considering a proposal that will require all visitors to obtain travel insurance before entering the country. The proposal was prompted by concerns over the rising costs associated with providing what is essentially […]

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How Terrorism Coverage in a Travel Insurance Policy Relates to the Attack in Manchester

state department travel warning
The recent terror attack in Manchester (United Kingdom) at an Ariana Grande concert has caused a crisis in Great Britain. Questions surround how to better handle the emergency response with these types of incidents and what can be done to deter future attacks. Ariana Grande canceled her Dangerous Woman tour after the nail bomb attack. […]

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How to Keep Records of Medical Emergencies for a Travel Insurance Claim

international travel insurance
When taking a trip, the last thing you want to think about is what might go wrong. Travel insurance may be the last thing on your to-do list and because of that, may never get purchased. But trip protection is important. Even what you may think is a small event can pay for the cost […]

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How Baggage Loss and Delay Coverage Can Help You

baggage loss and delay insurance
There is nothing quite like arriving at your final destination after a day of flights and airport treks only to discover your luggage has been left behind or lost. That reality, which happens all too often, can leave you stranded with little more than the clothes you have on your back, but baggage loss and […]

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What to Know About the State Department’s European Summer Travel Warning

state department travel warning
If you plan to travel to Europe this summer, it’s important to understand the U.S. Department of State’s recent travel advisories issued for this area. The department indicates that the current terrorism threat in the continent is at its highest historic level. If you are concerned about terrorism at your destination, purchasing a travel insurance […]

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Why Trip Insurers Want to See Your Receipts in the Event of a Claim

international travel insurance
Taking a vacation can be a great way to spend time off with friends and family. Unfortunately, a trip can be cancelled for any number of reasons. Because of this, and due to the significant upfront costs that come with booking a trip, it would be a good idea to purchase a trip insurance policy. […]

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