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A Few of Anthony Bourdain’s Most Memorable Travels

international travel insurance
Travel can change your life. By immersing yourself in any destination, you can become intimately acquainted with the nuances and ways of life of another culture. Sightseeing, exploring, participating in local festivals, and indulging in traditional cuisine expands one’s view of the world. It is a worthwhile investment that does not need to feel like a […]

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How Instagram Has Become an Effective Vacation Planning Tool

Instagram travel planning
Planning a trip can be a challenging task, especially when you will be visiting an unfamiliar destination. It is important to cover the basic elements of trip planning, such as the purchase of flights, hotels and travel insurance, but it is equally important to research your destination to ensure that you don’t miss out on […]

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Why Some Airlines Charge You More to Book Over the Phone

premium economy seats
As recently as 20 years ago, the telephone was the preferred method for booking airline travel, as it was more convenient than the only feasible alternative: buying in person at the ticket counter. With the advent of the internet, however, it’s safe to say that phone sales have taken a backseat to online sales. In […]

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Why You Should Always Buy Travel Insurance for Expensive Trips

international travel insurance
Although most vacations are pleasant and memorable, it is an unfortunate fact that accidents and other negative incidents sometimes take place during a vacation. Travel insurance provides peace of mind for virtually any person who travels. Individuals who take costly trips, especially those who travel more frequently than once a year, should give serious thought […]

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Is First Class Travel Appropriate for Children?

first class cabin
Travel insurance is especially important to protect your investment in a first class ticket, but what if you’re traveling with kids? Should you book seats in the first class cabin at all? Children Are Travelers Too While the topic of children on airplanes is a topic of much debate in itself, the topic of children […]

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The Rise of Airline Customer Complaints via Twitter

Twitter Airline Complaints
Imagine this scene: A group of passengers are at the gate in Chicago about to take off for Atlanta. The pilot reports that during his walk-around, he found a flat tire and there will be a considerable delay. All 150 passengers look around anxiously and begin to dread the long line at customer service once […]

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What to Know About the Recently Reported Orbitz Data Breach

Orbitz data breach
Expedia has announced that its subsidiary, Orbitz, experienced a breach that could affect nearly 900,000 customers. In March 2018, the parent company disclosed that customers who used either the Orbitz site or its partner sites are at risk. If you used the website or any agency on one of its platforms, here is what […]

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What to Know About the Recent Pet Incidents on United Airlines Flights

traveling with pets
United Airlines has been garnering considerable publicity as of late, but the news has hardly been positive. For animal enthusiasts, the string of unfortunate episodes involving pets on United flights is especially disturbing. The most shocking recent event occurred recently when a passenger’s dog passed away aboard Flight 1284 from Houston to New York after […]

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A Rundown of the Recent Sexual Assault Incidents on Airplanes

airplane passengers
In 2016, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA union surveyed nearly two thousand flight attendants regarding their experiences with reported passenger-on-passenger sexual assaults. During that survey, one-fifth of those participating attendants said that they had personally received reports of sexual assaults from passengers, which had taken place during flights on which they had been working. FBI […]

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How Travelers Were Affected by the Recent Storms in the Northeast

Bombogenesis Northeast
The month of March has brought a weather nightmare for the northeastern United States. In the span of two weeks, three nor’easters dumped dozens of inches of snow and heavy winds all along the East Coast, bringing down power lines, causing hundreds of accidents, and stranding travelers at airports and train stations. Modern technology allows […]

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