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cruise travel insurance

Cruise travel is particularly popular during this time of year. Spring break can be a perfect time for college students to vacation between classes and cruises provide the opportunity to see multiple destinations. Whether a traveler is retired, busy with family or just looking to get away, cruises are unique in their ability to attract multiple demographics in one space. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, this type of experience can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

How Safe Are Cruises?

Cruises are generally a safe way to travel to multiple different countries regardless of the time of year. Unfortunately, health conditions can sometimes impact which countries are available for travel. Because many countries around the world are experiencing varying degrees of Coronavirus outbreak, some places are safer than others. Checking with the State Department is one way of deciding whether a trip should be postponed.

When a method of transportation is questioned, the destination is less of a concern. During these times, it is best to be aware of why there is a health concern and how it can impact travel. Unlike traveling by car or on land, a cruise ship requires a large amount of people to be clustered together. This can prove difficult if one person becomes sick.

The State Department recently issued an advisory regarding cruise ship passengers. Since the news of Coronavirus can fluctuate on a daily basis, this advisory is subject to change over the course of weeks or months. Currently, this warning is particularly prevalent for those who have compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions. Heart disease, lung disease and even diabetes are all conditions that can cause potentially damaging health conditions.

What Is the Risk of Infection?

Since the COVID-19 is a new virus, there is little known about its long-lasting impact or how it is spread. Unlike some other infections, the Coronavirus does appear to be very contagious. Cruises, in particular, can have a difficult time guaranteeing passenger health during an outbreak.

Elderly passengers are especially at risk for adverse health reactions. Retirement cruises that cater to an older demographic must be aware of the possible consequences. Weaker immune systems caused by either age or specific medications can result in a traveler being more susceptible to infection.

The risk of infection is high on cruise ships. Not only can passengers become sick, but crew members and authority figures are also not immune. Since the virus does appear to spread easily between people within a close distance, those who board cruise ships are particularly at risk.

What Happens When Cruise Tickets Are Already Purchased?

Cruises are not inexpensive vacations. Some cruises can cost thousands of dollars or more depending on the destination. Without travel insurance, it may be impossible to get a refund, regardless of the reason. Even those who are canceling due to State Department recommendations may have to experience a significant financial loss. One way to cover this type of event (cancellation due to Coronavirus and/or travel advisories) is to buy a travel insurance plan with an optional Cancel For Any Reason upgrade.

Countries around the world are consistently updating their health guidelines that surround the Coronavirus. What is safe today, may not be tomorrow. Just as countries can quarantine certain areas for fear of an epidemic, cures and vaccines may be discovered in a similar amount of time. Because the virus is so unknown, future traveling can seem up in the air. Purchasing a travel insurance policy that includes Cancel for Any Reason coverage can help you recover the money spent on a trip not taken.

What Are the Benefits of Travel Insurance?

Depending on the type of trip protection purchased, different policies can help in a variety of ways. Some insurance companies provide coverage for epidemics while others will cover cancellations due to quarantine. Many insurance providers will also cover your emergency medical treatment if you contract Coronavirus during your travels.

Booking travel insurance is best done ahead of time. By researching and finding the right plan that fits, travel restriction does not mean forgoing a refund. If travel insurance is promptly purchased, and with a Cancel For Any Reason upgrade, you can cancel your trip for any reason at all as opposed to being limited to a specific (although comprehensive) list of covered reasons under standard trip cancellation coverage.

Is Traveling Worth It?

Traveling can be both a luxury and a necessity. To shut down all traveling is not only unlikely, but unhelpful. Understanding the best way to travel is a better solution for all involved. To maintain safety and health, it’s important to keep up with the recommended travel guidelines. Although there are no guarantees of the timeline around Coronavirus and its effects on global travel, finding the right trip protection can help you recover financial loss that may occur during a health epidemic.

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