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What to Know About the Recent Travel Ban

Nations around the globe continue to come to terms with the recent travel ban placed by United States against certain foreign nations, affecting everyday travelers and refugees alike. The ban will affect an estimated 90,000 individuals, the number of people who regularly receive Visas from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, the seven […]

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An Overview of TSA PreCheck and Global Entry

TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are programs offered by the Transportation Security Administration and Customs & Border Protection that allow pre-qualified passengers to pass through security and passport checks quickly and with less screening procedures than those who aren’t enrolled. Along with travel insurance, these two government programs can help make your trip less stressful […]

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What to Know About Norovirus and Cruises

Many vacations must be planned and paid for months in advance. Booking a cruise is a prime example. Purchasing travel insurance for a trip that requires a substantial investment of both time and money is a smart investment. Particularly during the flu and Norovirus season, the unexpected can happen and ruin an expensive vacation. This […]

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Tips for Dealing With Winter Travel Delays

Everyone knows the adage that even the best made plans can go awry, but nowhere is this more applicable than when it comes to winter travel. You spent months or even years planning that anniversary cruise, packed eagerly for it and kept a wary eye on the weather system headed your way. Sure enough, on […]

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Tips for Traveling with Grandchildren

There are few things in life that bring greater joy to grandparents than getting to spend quality time with their grandchildren. And there’s no better way to capture that joy for grandparents than taking their little loved ones on a trip. However, while young children are great tourists, it’s important to have a game plan […]

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How to Plan a Special Getaway for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are considering planning a trip to spend time with a significant other. A special trip can offer a chance for a couple to get away from the stresses of life, while providing that special someone with a wonderful getaway. Valentine’s Day is a popular time to travel […]

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How to Stay Alert and Safe in Airports Given the Recent Events in Ft. Lauderdale

Every time we hear about something going terribly wrong in an airport (such as the recent events in Ft. Lauderdale), it makes us wonder if it is, in fact, safe to fly. The truth is that the general public can’t predict or prepare for an extreme event. In order to not live in fear and […]

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How Travel Insurance Can Help You In the Event of a Winter Storm

People often think of purchasing travel insurance in case they’re injured during their trip, but it can also help in the event of extreme weather. If you’re traveling during the wintertime, consider getting trip protection that will provide help if there’s a storm when you’re leaving home or in your destination. One of the best […]

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Why You Should Read Travel Insurance Claims Reviews Before Buying

All seasoned travelers are professional when it comes to preparation. Once the itinerary is written, the bags are packed, and the tickets are in hand, there is nothing left to do but set off. These days, travelers also know to be prepared for the unexpected. An essential part of trip preparation and trip protection is […]

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Why You Should Always Buy Travel Insurance When Traveling Abroad

It’s essential when planning your getaway that you have trip protection. Be prepared whether you’re flying out for business or pleasure. Part of being prepared beyond booking your trip and packing your luggage is to ensure that you’re covered by appropriate travel insurance in all situations. It’s even more important when traveling abroad. Travel insurance […]

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